Gumtree Festival Songwriters Competition

The semi-finalists (including me) will play this Saturday from about noon until 3:00, with the finalists being announced at 4:00.  If I'm one of three finalists, I'll get to play a twenty minute set after lunch on Sunday.

Semi-finalist at the Gumtree Festival songwriters competition

I'm excited to be a semi-finalist in Tupelo's Gumtree Festival Songwriters Competition this year! I'll play at the festival around noon on Saturday, May 13 on the Spring Street Stage with other semi-finalists.  The top three will play on Sunday…

Fun time in Nashville!

My friend Drew Laney had me on her show, Reminisce Radio, on Radio Free Nashville last Tuesday, then I got invited to play songwriters night at the Commodore Lounge with Les Kerr and Steve Haggard the next night.  We had…

The Record is coming! The Record is coming!

Nate Robbins of RNN Studios and I spent all day yesterday mixing songs for the EP.  It goes to mastering on Monday!!! I'm really pleased with this music and look forward to sharing it. See you around soon!

We're baaaackkk...

Hey, all!  I've been out of pocket for a while, but we're back in the saddle again.  I look forward to seeing you somewhere soon!

New Goings On

I've got a lot of shows in June, including a couple of shows with the full band, a few with an acoustic duo and some solo shows.  In particular, the Yocknapatawpha Arts Council's Summer Sunset Series show in The Grove…

Luke Fisher at Hometown Pizza Cafe in Water Valley April 9

I've started eating at Hometown Pizza in Water Valley when I'm in Luke Fisher Music World Headquarters later in the evening.  I enjoy the food and the people are nice.  Plus, they have live music on Saturday nights.  So far…

I've moved!

Big changes have come with the new year!  I have set up the Luke Fisher Music World Headquarters in Water Valley, MS, about 20 miles south of Oxford.  I now have a space where I can practice, rehearse with a…