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Previous events

Date Event Location
The Fishers at More Than A Meal Private event Private event
Luke Fisher at Oxford Community Market Community Pavilion (old armory), Oxford, MS Community Pavilion (old armory), Oxford, MS
Luke Fisher at Memory Makers, Oxford Private event Private event
 —  — Luke Fisher at The Coop The Graduate Hotel, Oxford, MS The Graduate Hotel, Oxford, MS
 —  — The Wilburs post-game in The Grove The Grove at University of Mississippi, Oxford, Ms The Grove at University of Mississippi, Oxford, Ms
The Wilburs in The Grove The Grove at University of Mississippi, Oxford, Ms The Grove at University of Mississippi, Oxford, Ms
Luke Fisher at Memory Makers, Oxford  
 —  — LC Trio at Bozart's Gallery Bozart's Gallery, Water Valley, MS Bozart's Gallery, Water Valley, MS
 —  — LC Trio at the Oxford Community Market Oxford City Market, Oxford, MS Oxford City Market, Oxford, MS
The Wilburs in The Grove The Grove at University of Mississippi, Oxford, Ms The Grove at University of Mississippi, Oxford, Ms
 —  — Luke at the Watermelon Seed Spitting Contest and Oxford Community Market Old Armory Pavilion , Oxford, Ms Old Armory Pavilion , Oxford, Ms
 —  — Local Licks songwriters show Z98.5 FM, Tupelo Z98.5 FM, Tupelo
Luke Fisher at Memory Makers, Oxford  
 —  — Album release party The Hall, Oxford, Ms The Hall, Oxford, Ms
 —  — Luke Fisher at Taylor Grocery Taylor Grocery, Taylor, MS Taylor Grocery, Taylor, MS
The Fishers at Friends of the Library Lafayette/Oxford Public Library, Oxford, MS Lafayette/Oxford Public Library, Oxford, MS
 —  — Luke Fisher at Mid-Town Farmers Market Midtown Shopping Center parking lot, Oxford, MS Midtown Shopping Center parking lot, Oxford, MS
 —  — Luke Fisher at The Commodore Lounge Commodore Lounge, Nashville, TN Commodore Lounge, Nashville, TN
Luke Fisher at Brown's Diner Nashville Nashville
 —  — Luke Fisher at Biscuits and Jam Market Tallahatchie Riverbank, New Albany, MS Tallahatchie Riverbank, New Albany, MS
       Luke Fisher likes to make up songs and sing them to people.  He believes that every song is a love song at its core.  Sometimes that love is good; sometimes it's bad. Sometimes it's ... strange.  He says, "Every one of my songs are true, but some of 'em are a little more factual than others."
       And there is a deep current of truth running through his music.  These songs are revealing, but never take themselves too seriously.  From ballads to straight up honky-tonk rockers, when you see him play, whether solo or with the band, you know he means it, and he gives you everything he has.  And he has a hell of a good time doing it.

Songwriters Contest- entry deadline this Tuesday! 

Here is the page with the right link for entering the Small Hall Songwriters Contest and Showcase.  The deadline is this Tuesday, December 5, 2017.  There is $1000 in prize money, and the winner gets to play a set on MPB's Thacker Mountain Radio Show.  The recording quality is NOT judged, so even a phone recording is fine, as long as it is easily understood.  Thanks!

The Square Rounders 

The Square Rounders inaugural show at Small Hall last night was phenomenal!  A great turnout, and the crowd was all in for the entire show.  We saw some good friends and a bunch of folks we just met.  Good chemistry, great energy. Feet were stomped and heads were bobbed. We'll have to do it again soon!  The Square Rounders is J.T. Lack on banjo and dobro, James Daigle on upright bass, Andrew Gardner on fiddle, me on guitar, and everybody sings at one point or another.  We are so appreciative of the enthusiastic crowd, which made the show such a wonderful experience for us!

Opening for Slaide Cleaves! 

I'm very excited to be opening for Slaid Cleaves next Friday at the Old School Theater in Water Valley next Friday. This will be an awesome show. Slaide is one of the songwriters that other songwriters listen to. Rolling Stone magazine keeps its eyes on him and sometimes plugs him. Here's an example:  Here's a link to the Facebook event page:

Jesse Lipe Memorial 

Yesterday was the second annual memorial to Jesse Lipe, who passed away way, way too young.  It was a musical celebrations of his life, with Rooster's crammed with musicians, with bands, makeshift groups and jam sessions all going on for five hours.  It was a celebration of Jesse, of music and of unity.  There was some blistering hot funk jazz, some completely bad ass rock and roll, ending with a stage full of people playing Pink Floyd's Wish You Were Here fading into Comfortably Numb.  It turned into a sort of wild, pagan prayer, with the whole place near the stage, yelling out the lyrics in harmony.  The spirit was definitely up in that place.  Some great players, who I've heard rip out some amazing riffs in the past, played astonishing, almost transcendental solos, pulling tears and crazy laughter out of people at the same time.  It was that way all night.  I went home exhausted and full of electricity. Even though it ended at 9:00 PM, I couldn't get to sleep until the wee hours of the morning. 

I didn't really know Jesse, although I'd had the honor of sharing a stage a few times with his mom and dad, Amy and Casey (both unbelievably talented musicians in their own right).  I'd seen Jesse play a couple of times but had never met him.  When I was making my record, I cut a few tracks at Tweed Studios with Andrew Ratcliff.  I wanted to put together a great pickup band, get us all in a room without rehearsal and record it live.  I got Zechariah Tillotson, one of my favorite drummers, and asked him who he'd like to play bass, (Thanks for that tip, Bud Bays!) and without hesitation he named Jesse.  We got together at the studio on a Saturday. Zak was on drums in a booth where he could see us, and the rest of us literally stood around in a circle and recorded three tracks live, mostly acoustic.  Some amazing things happened in that room.  There were some great performances, but they were all sort of what I imagined in my head going in, if only a lot better.  Except for Jesse.  He did unexpected things.  The song that made it on this album, My Blue Eyes, is a simple two-step with an obvious thumping country bass line.  Instead, Jesse played a lot of long notes that faded into quiet, and used some warbley walks that I'd never heard before.  It changed the feel of the song.  Not in an obvious, noticeable way, but one that pulls you into a flow with the music.  It opened up the song in a way I hadn't thought of, and made it more musical.  From what I understand.  That wasn't unusual for him.  He held down the bottom and hit the one, but in unexpected, musical ways. He truly listened and didn't add anything that didn't honor the song.  That's not that common a skill. 

Sunday was a great night, honoring a kind and gentle man, who also happened to be a kickass bass player.

Local Licks radio show on Z98.5 FM 

I'll be on Michaela Compton's great interview/music show, Local Licks, on WZLQ, Z98.5 FM next Sunday, Aug. 20 at 2:00 PM.  I'll probably talk too much, but you'll hear the stories behind some of my songs.  I'll try to be amusing in between playing all original music.  The station has a wide coverage in north Mississippi and south west Tennessee.  But if you can't pick it up, you can listen here:  Please come join us!

Media frenzy! 

Well, not exactly a frenzy, but over the next couple of weeks I'll be pre-recording an interview on the Local Licks show on Z98.5, and then a segment on TV99.  We've been on the cover of the Oxford Eagle a couple of times lately.  Must be slow news days... Lisa Harrison and Amy Fisher joined me for a fabulous set at the CD release party as part of the Art-er Limits Fringe Festival last weekend.  All-in-all, lots going on.  I'll keep you posted on a show we're putting together down in Water Valley soon.

Album release party! 

We're playing songs from the album and a bunch of stuff that will be on the next one.  Up in The Hall at 1109 Van Buren Ave., Oxford, MS.  Lisa Harrison and Amy Fisher will be joining in for a great evening of music.  We'll start at 8:30.  Andrew Delmastro starts things off at 7:30.

Gumtree Festival Songwriters Competition 

The semi-finalists (including me) will play this Saturday from about noon until 3:00, with the finalists being announced at 4:00.  If I'm one of three finalists, I'll get to play a twenty minute set after lunch on Sunday.

Semi-finalist at the Gumtree Festival songwriters competition 

I'm excited to be a semi-finalist in Tupelo's Gumtree Festival Songwriters Competition this year! I'll play at the festival around noon on Saturday, May 13 on the Spring Street Stage with other semi-finalists.  The top three will play on Sunday with competition judge and 3 time Grammy winner Lari White.  Here is a video of me playing one of the songs I entered, "Blind."